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Inspection Drone for Wind Power Stations

Autonomous drone for the inspection of rotor blades

Field: Robotics

Task:  Industrialisation of the cabling harness/USB control of the camera

Customer: Sulzer&Schmid Laboratories AG

In order to increase production efficiency, joylab supported Sulzer&Schmid in outsourcing the production and assembly of their complete cabling to a specialised company. joylab provided the detailed specifications and instructions, as well as completed the supplier evaluation. This external production ensures the high quality of the cabling, which in turn leads to a higher reliability of drones in the field.

In another project a software for the control of the built-in Sony camera was developed. With the aid of simple commands, various parameters such as shutter speed or aperture can be set. This allows for certain manual interventions in the workflow to be replaced by software and guarantees the best possible image quality during inspections.

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