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Innovation in Orthodontics

Field: Medical technology
Task: Development of innvoative products for dental care
Customer: Mikrona Group AG

The company Mikrona develops, produces and sells high-quality products in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. joylab supports Mikrona in the development of innovative dental tools with which new markets can be conquered.

One of the most recent development is the LX Master Mirror, which was presented at the DGFKO (German Society for Orthodontics) in Berlin in September 2022. The LX Master Mirror is a dental mirror equipped with a high-power LED to ensure perfect lighting in the oral cavity during examinations and treatments.

The scope of the project included the development of a touch controlled interface, a charging regulator and various display and monitoring functions. The design of the power supply for adequate battery life and the selection of a suitable battery cell were just as important as the compactness of the PCB on which the various functions were implemented. These factors in addition allowed the mechanical integration of the electronic compenents into a slim handle and thus a simple and ergonomic design of the denal mirror.

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