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Mission Board for Inspection Drone

Field: Robotics
Task: Development of embedded computer board for inspection drones
Customer: Voliro AG / Wyss Zurich / ETH Zurich

joylab is developing a powerful SOM carrier board for the start-up Voliro, which should take over complex tasks in navigation, data processing, autonomy and control of external modules during inspection flights.


Due to its multiple functionality, the omnidirectional inspection and maintenance drone named "Voliro T" is also called the "Flying Robot". Through the special arrangement of its rotors and with the help of various add-on modules (called payloads), the drone is able to perform various contact-based tasks such as measurements and repairs in hard-to-reach areas of industrial sites.


In this project, a powerful computer module (SOM, System-On-Module) is integrated into a customized carrier board. The board is equipped with a variety of high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, USB3, MIPI and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, there are modules for WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE connectivity implemented. 


With this variety of interfaces as well as the adapted form factor, the computer board can be optimally integrated and connected to the various internal function modules within the drone.

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Logo der Firma Voliro
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