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Cleaning Ray
Automatic UVC disinfection lamp

Field: Sensor technology
Task: Development of the electronics and software for a UVC disinfection lamp
Customer: Inventron AG / Slux Sagl

Slux, together with their partner Inventron, has launched an intelligent solution for disinfecting indoor spaces using UV-C light. Special features of this product are: high light output, flexible programmability of  duration and intensity of the radiation, safe 24h stand-alone mode, or the various safety functions, such as the 360° sensor system which detects movements and reliably stops the UVC radiation when a person approaches.

joylab was commissioned to develop the entire electronics as well as the software for controlling, monitoring and operating the lamp, from the first prototype to the serial production. An intuitive user interface allows the setting of all important parameters and offers various functions for analysis and diagnosis.

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