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Pan / Tilt - Unit

Robotic camera head

Field: Robotics

Task: Development and production of a motorised camera head

Customer: Seervision AG / Wyss Zurich / ETH Zürich

On behalf of Seervision, joylab developed the complete electronics and drive technology for a motorised Pan/Tilt Unit (PTU), from the concept phase to the production of the pilot series. With their advanced software, Seervision offers robotic camera systems for autonomous tracking of persons or objects. The camera head includes powerful and precise drive units, as well as sensors for high positioning accuracy. The multitude of integrated functions and a sophisticated cabling concept make the camera head the most attractive and powerful product in its class.

The high quality and short development time have enabled the customer to massively reduce time to market and to establish themselves on the market with a top-tier product.

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