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Digital Health Logisitcs

Field: Medical technology
Task: Development of a system of intelligent scales for inventory logisitcs
Customer: Cosanum AG

Besides being a leader in Swiss healthcare logistics, Cosanum AG is also a showcase in terms of company culture and a high degree of innovation in its internal processes.


In order to revolutionize the way hospitals and nursing homes manage their inventory, Cosanum aims to launch a system for automated monitoring and reordering of stored items.


As part of this revolution, joylab is developing a system of intelligent, modular scales that features high measurement accuracy and long-term stability, robustness to temperature fluctuations, a patented system for power supply and proprietary radio technology for data transmission.


With a smart design and a careful selection of the manufacturing processes, the components of the scales can be produced cost-effectively, in high quality and in large scale series.➝ cosaFlow

Logo von Cosanum - der Gesundheistlogistiker
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