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Solar Bike

Solar charging system for an electric motorbike

Field: Electromobility

Task: Development of a solar charging system for an electric motorbike

Customer: Claudio von Planta / joylab

Solar Bike is the vision of entirely independent travel. The idea derives from the successful Swiss documentary filmmaker Claudio von Planta, whose project aimed for an expedition with a solar-powered electric motorbike in remote areas without infrastructure. The filming of this expedition aims to demonstrate that electric mobility in combination with solar energy allows for unlimited range. joylab developed the overall concept and the solar charging system, which were integrated into an existing motorbike. Since the surface area of a motorbike is too small for solar panels to produce electricity and drive at the same time, the bike is charged with solar panels of appropriate size when stationary. The concept is simple: Foldable solar panels with a total surface area of 24 m² and an output of 4000 Wp charge an 8 kWh battery in about 3 hrs, which is sufficient for about 150 km range. During the charging process there are opportunities to film encounters with the local population, repairs to the motorbike, and other work that may arise.

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