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Photonic Explorer
The first radio of light

Field: Sensor technology
Task: Development of the electronics and software for a UVC disinfection lamp
Customer: Inventron AG / Slux Sagl

In their goal to make light audible, Slux is pursuing various applications. Ambient light is full of information from natural and artificial light sources. With a portable loudspeaker box equipped with appropriate light sensors, it can be made audible. The audio signals can, for example, provide information about the quality of light in a room. Aimed at natural light sources, the generated sounds (light noise) can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

joylab developed the amplifier circuit to filter the weak signals of the sensitive sensor technology and amplify them to an audible level. The circuitry was integrated on a custom-fit print that accommodates not only the sensor technology but also the control elements and the loudspeaker. Thus, all the necessary steps for a successful series production were implemented.

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